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Now you will follow similar actions as in the previous step: click on the archive to open it.

GPG Tutorial OSX

After a few seconds, a folder will open up containing the GPG suite installer. This time however, instead of dragging the application to install it, you need to double click on the "Installer" application which looks like an open box. This will install the GPG suite on your computer. Click "continue", then click "install". The programs will be installed. The larger the key size, the longer it would take to 'brute force' the encrypted materials.

How-to: Encrypted Email on Mac OS X with Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG | The Calyx Institute

With the increase in CPU power in recent years, it doesn't make sense to choose anything less than bits. There is an ability to set an expiration date for your key. It makes sense to leave that set at the default, which is 4 years in the future. When you are satisfied with the settings, click 'Generate'. A small window will pop up requesting that you set a passphrase to protect your key with.

If your key ever falls into the hands of an adversary, this passphrase will be the only thing protecting your encrypted data from being unlocked. Therefore you should choose a long and complicated passphrase that will be difficult to guess. You will be prompted to enter your passphrase a second time. During the generation of the key, the program asks you to generate some random activity by moving your mouse around, and by typing into another application. When the key generation is complete, you will be returned to the main screen of GPG Keychain Access and you will see two keys, one for the GPG Tools Team, and your key that you just generated.

If you hold down the 'control' key and then click on your key, a context menu will appear with a number of options. Select 'show info'.

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In the show info screen you can see the 'fingerprint' of your key. This fingerprint is not secret. It is useful for other people to be able to verify your key's authenticity. Sometimes people print their GPG fingerprint on their business card, other times people publish it on their twitter profile or website or another public place.

Additionally, if you hold down the 'control key' again and then click on your key, when the context menu appears, you can choose the option 'Generate revoke certificate' which will create a file that will let you revoke your key from the public key servers, should you ever lose your key pair. You should place this revoke certificate on removable media a USB drive, burned onto a CD and then store it somewhere safe, perhaps at an off-site location such as a safety deposit box, hidden in a desk drawer or a closet. The private key exists only on your device s and the public key is sent to the recipient along with your email.

The public key is used to decrypt the email contents.


Sign or encrypt emails in Mail on Mac

For this example I'll stick with my go-to source, Comodo. Make sure that the email address you fill out is the one you want to apply the encryption. All other steps are explained on the page and should take but a minute to complete. Once downloaded Use Safari if you can, Firefox may cause some issues you'll have a file that looks like this:.

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Back up this file as it is the only existing copy! You will need it again if you re-install your Mac or use another Mac on which you want to send and receive encrypted email. If you believe there's a chance someone might ever get their hands on this certificate, consider storing it in an encrypted disk image.

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To install the certificate, double click the. I personally import these certificates into my System keychain to have it available on all user accounts, but you can choose the Login keychain as well to make it available just for your current user account. Select the keychain you want to import the certificate in and click the Add button. That's it! The certificate is installed and ready for use. You'll want to uncheck the box next to "Automatically manage connection settings" for both incoming and outgoing server settings; this way, additional options appear as indicated below.

The right settings for your account can typically be found on the website of the company that provides your email address. This will ensure a secure connection between your Mac and the email server. The lock encryption will not be available until you and the recipient exchange encryption keys, so only the seal signing will be available.

Send the email and on the recipient's end they will see the following:.

Email Encryption

The content of the email is visible as no encryption was used, and the seal that shows the email was signed confirms the email was properly signed. The recipient can now reply to the email and use both signing and encryption. It's a one time thing, after that you can sign and encrypt every email you send to that person right away.

Install the application to the Mac. The application installs as a plug-in for your email client. Close, then reopen your email application after you install GPG Tools. After you install the program, the OpenGPG toolbar displays in your email client. Drag and drop the key file in the GPG Tools window. You can also highlight, then select the characters in the key and drag and drop them in the window.

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