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MacBooks generally sport excellent battery life: My MacBook Pro mid originally clocked in at about 5. Unfortunately, that option isn't available on Windows 7 and that hasn't changed with the latest AMD Radeon offerings available in the MacBook Pro lineup. To get an idea of the actual impact, I performed three tests: First, I just let the laptop sit there, do nothing and let it drain its battery to get an idea of the absolute maximum battery life. Then, I used the laptop to browse the web and multitask with several Office programs and PhotoShop.

For my last test, I simply played a p movie in loop until the battery died.

Considering Virtualization for serious work? Forget it

So how did my 17" MacBook Pro fare? Not well. Windows 7 stood no chance against OS X. Instead of the usual 4. The story didn't change much when I switched over to a loaner MacBook Air Core i7 , although the difference isn't as noticeable. The verdict?

Going the Boot Camp route

Windows 7's power management is pretty awesome on Windows laptops -- not so on Macs. The built-in Boot Camp drivers even using 4. Plus, the CPU and GPU fans keep on spinning constantly, even under low workload, and the device produces an enormous amount of heat. However, it never reaches dangerous levels and even the fan noise isn't as bad as you might think. I think this is the major downside of running Windows on a Mac and that's the reason I needed to shell out that extra cash for a HyperMac Wh , which gives me an additional hours of battery life.

Running Windows on a Mac (Part 1): Lion vs. Win7 performance shootout

A Win for Windows? With the sloppiness of Boot Camp driver quality fresh in my mind, I feared for the performance of Windows. First, you have to understand, that comparing performance of Windows and Mac OS X isn't quite as easy as it sounds. Only a few selected benchmarks are available on both sides of the fence: I can't really compare PCMark points with the Geekbench score.

However, by using a combination of basic tasks and synthetic benchmarks, I was able to draw a clear picture on the performance differences.

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Here's the set of benchmarks I performed, plus the results. To get a good measure, I made it my rule to perform all tests three times and average the numbers:. I use my trusty stopwatch to determine the exact time it takes from selecting the boot drive see screenshot to when the desktop is visible. While that doesn't mean that all background services and startup programs are fully loaded, it still gives an indication as to how fast the OS initializes drivers and is ready to use.

The results? It's not as bad as I thought: Lion has some known slow boot issues , which makes it come closer to Windows -- before I upgraded to Lion, Snow Leopard booted in about 15 seconds and would have beaten Windows 7 hands down. Plus, the moment you select the Windows partition, all Macs seem to go back to a DOS-like shell there's even a blinking white cursor on the top left corner for about 5 seconds and just waste time.

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Mac OS X wins hands down. Yes, Lion shuts down my MacBook Pro in about three seconds, while Windows keeps on ending services and processes before finally shutting down after about nine seconds. Licensing Microsoft offers discounts for Volume Licensing for businesses, with a wide variety of different options. These licenses aren't actually full versions, but upgrade versions of the OS, requiring that your existing PCs already have a licensed version of Windows already installed.

For companies purchasing Lion through Apple's Volume Licensing scheme, there is a minimum 20 seat order. However, OS X There are no further discounts from Apple, and there's just the one version of OS X for consumers and businesses alike. It's fair to say that Mac hardware is more expensive than standard PC hardware, so you need to factor in this cost, too. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Head to Head: Lion was unequivocally a disaster. Lion is much better, but imagine a whole operating system devoted to fixing the bugs and poor choices of the previous system.

But there are no compelling features that make me want to switch. And then Mavericks is buggy again. Instead of coming out with a new operating system every year where the odd-numbered versions are disasters that get fixed by the next update, why not just do one GOOD, stable operating system every two years? Far better than rushing out buggy crap.

Turned out the temporary Mountain Lion was unnecessary. Interesting to read all the hate about Lion. I updated to Mavericks and could not use my scanner or my printers. I had to go back to Mountain Lion. Has this issue been resolved? I wish I could agree with you but I found the upgrade to Mavericks a big mistake. And I see no significant benefits to Mavericks over Lion. If you decide to ignore my warning though. The textures. They were just removed. Firefox has had them separate for how long, I wonder?

Emails have the CC recipients in gray, so I have to strain to see who all got the message. The URLs in Safari are gray after the primary web address, but in my job, I need information beyond the primary web address, which requires more eye strain because of the gray. So many on here are saying Lion was the worst Mac OS X ever, but I always thought that about Leopard, which was a space hog and very s-l-o-w.

I have been pleased with Lion. My one complaint about upgrading is the loss of the mosaic option in the screen saver.

It is one of the neatest features in Lion and Snow Leopard, almost an app in and of itself, and there are many in the support forums who apparently have the same sentiment. There were workarounds to making it work in Mountain Lion but those options were eliminated apparently in Mavericks.

Not of the reasons for its discontinuation, but if anyone else agrees, please let Apple HQ know. I upgraded my Macbook from Lion to Mavericks, Big mistake! Cause now it has major connection issues and print driver issues. Expect to lose the ability to connect to your printer via wifi if its connected to another computer that has a different OS other than Mavericks installed. Personally I believe its a communication issue. I can see the printer on the network, but it makes no connection.

It drops then says unable to connect at this time. Only after countless searches was I able to find out that Mavericks uses SMB2 technology now to connect by default to other computers on network. If you want to connect from the Leopard installed G5 to Mavericks, forget about it! No one knows how! Because its a hit or miss for some! ANd by the way…many people are experiencing dropped connections with Mavericks! So save yourselves the headache until they fix these bugs which are major!

I recommend to stick with the version you have now till they fix Mavericks…it has issues which previous versions did not have quite honestly! Why do you publish such a recommendation? If you read the article you will see exactly why upgrading to Mavericks makes sense if you are running Lion. On Mavericks Apple killer Quicklook. On Yes, 3rd party plugins like Perian needed.

But on Mavericks not even the older QT videos can be played.

Running Windows on a Mac: Lion vs. Windows 7 Shootout | PCWorld

User friendly? Everything works fine, reliable and very fast. Advice to upgrade to Mavericks is stupid Bullsquid!!! Only one thing I miss from Yosemite are iCloud Drive. But if Apple think to blackmail me with this, F.. Then, continue following the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

The audio from my firewire sound card glitches at every available opportunity. Just recently compiled the java runtime myself to keep it up to date, and have been living on the libraries provided by macports for a while now, since Fink has stopped supporting Oh, by the way, when I finally have to pull the plug on I have debian linux fully up-to-date installed on this in preparation for the day.

My iMac is running Lion I am having a problem with updating java, though. Could you pass on any articles or such which can help me compile my java runtime? Great comment and very inspiring.

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