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Please check out our Device Connections article for help with that. Email us at theminions thesufferfest. I wrote a review of it here. We always recommend a USB extension cable! What's Next? Still need help? Comments 3 comments. There is some good science behind heart rate variability and it is used to detect foetal distress in labour. I suspect professional athletes become very in-tune with their bodies I also suspect their coaches handle a lot of the balance of training and recovery. I have not had an injury in two years using the basic recovery data in Polar Flow.

I even won a race only in my age cat. Prior to that I was always pulling a hamstring, hip flexor or something.

I have run the London Marathon 3 times, once in my own name. The problem with those algorithms is, that they rely on correct data. Put in a wrong value, e. Garmin puts me at a more realistic 57, which is kinda in line with my recent times 5k in the high 19mins. I guess my real value is somewhere in between.

You also have to keep in mind that recovery is always meant as recovery from quality sessions before your body is ready to benefit from another workout. Once I guess I overtrained and pushed my self to heard.

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Sometimes I tried to make to much progres by adjusting two things at the same time: speed and distance. It could be a long run in the forrest. However, it is benefitial anyway in many ways. I guess, many people try to push themselves too hard. But I learned from my mistakes. Well maybe I do, but I do not trust my own judgement of them. After quitting rugby when i was 23, I did not do any serious exercising apart from a bit of leisury mountainbking in mid 90s and the odd visits to a gym until i started running almost 30 years later and I am quite certain that some issues I had with my shins last winter that kept me from running almost 3 months could have been avoided if I had more self.

At that time I wanted to run, so I ran even if it was a more than bit uncomfortable. Question is how well it work in practice outside laboratory or in Polars settung. I could also add that 2 years ago I went for emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix that went quite wrong and I ended up 10 days at ICU, followed by 3 weeks in a ward. Just got delivery of my Vantage V. I feel a bit like Ray when he first tested the SSU.

No display of power zones on watch. You would think this would simply re-use the HR display algorithm. Absence of Pool Swimming Metrics. No option to keep the backlight on during an activity 4. No adjustment of the brightness of the backlight it is dim and the display is pretty hard to see. I have not included a lack of route navigation as I know this is in the pipeline in software developments.

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A few more watch faces would have been nice but not a deal breaker. I now wish to return the device and would be grateful for your instructions on how to do this. Re: your issues 3 and 4. Could you please confirm? Only heart rate and pace? Forgive my stupid question, but do all manufacturers have some kind of money back and return policy for the watches?

I am really surprised people are able to return something they bought and used. Is this a fact? Does it measure HR in the water and how good is it for swimming?

Polar RS800 Comprehensive Review 3 -online workouts, ProTrainer 5 software

Here in the US, you can indeed return a watch in most cases, say, if you purchased it from Amazon or Clever Training, for example. The former has a return window of 30 days and the latter is 60 days. Similar policies exist for retailers like Best Buy or Target. Very few prohibit returns. The customer is always right! You can return it. Besides, with watches these days… Some of them ship out so full of bugs, they are practically unusable.

When I brought it to Best Buy for return last year the sales clerk told me they had been getting tons of Vivoactive back. Not used other than ascertaining that the device lacks basic features. Bit like getting into a car and finding it has no steering wheel.

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I am sure Polar will be grateful for your concern though. There is, of course, no such thing as a stupid question…. I kind of agree with your comment regarding the display being dark however it does light up when you raise your wrist to view and find personally that to be acceptable. As for the lack of power zone indication during workout. I agree.

You posted again before I replied.


Received my M today and went for my usual Monday easy 10k. A few stuff that instantly caught my eye: — Font is quite thin, which makes it hard to read during a run, even when lit in the dark. Will change the displays to 3 fields max like I did with the M, and see if that improves readability. So far it delivered. Bummer, was looking forward to using my different Garmin bands.

I received mine today but have only had chance to set up, hoping to get a run in tomorrow between family commitments. My H7 paired instantly. The H7 is in the paired devices though. Need to look into that just for clarification. No lag or delay. Similar to my tracks in that they are correct in shape and direction etc but not right to the actual path on the ground. Strange on the swim.

Did you set pool length on the watch? Anything stand out especially? The screen definitely is much nicer. Then again, the resolution and colours come at a price, namely readability. The watch face definitely looks crisper but the training views stand out much better on the M The font used on the Vantage is very thin. Battery is about the same as the M GPS same as well. On paper the new OHR should be much better.

Polar RS800CX with G3 GPS receiver

Irregularities settle quickly. The Vantage only stores the one you scheduled for the day via Flow. Another thing I miss is the option to change display from light to dark and v. The round watch face and the display are really the major differences. Thanks a lot for your insight flokon! Battery lasts for about 5 hours. Quality: wristband coming off, display sorta started bleedind.

I was quite worried when I read your article, especially because I am waiting for my Vantage V, in relation to the points touched: 1. At least I have seen the Power Zones in the Polar Flow application, to make a more detailed analysis. Not worry for me. This point is important, Did you use the watch in the pool? I do not think Polar reaches those levels of irresponsibility. While it can be turned on via the wrist is not a worry for me. I have to sold my spartan trainer, impossible to read for me.

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