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Then, about half way through the initializing, a warning window popped up, saying that "the installer could not initialize". Posted on Mar 31, AM. Page content loaded. You say that you've tried it 'many times'? Is this with the same file or have you tried downloading the file again, trashing the old dmg file?

Mar 31, AM. Mar 31, AM in response to clintonfrombirmingham In response to clintonfrombirmingham. I tried multiple sources for the app, like Adobe's application manager and CNET's downloads page, but none of them worked. A message pops up every time the installation fails, telling me to download an Adobe app to detect the problem with the installer.

How to Fix 'macOS Could Not Be Installed on Your Computer' Error

Try running EtreCheck and post the results here - we'll see if there's anything loading that might prevent the installation. Get rid of Intego, TechTools, Boom.

How to install Adobe Photoshop on MAC - Installer Failed to Initialise SOLVED !!! - Very Easy !!!

Intego in particular could well be the culprit. While the BoomDevice is a known 'killer' I think that your real problem in the failure to install the Photoshop app is the Intego software that you have installed. If I were you, I would uninstall it according to the software developers instructions and try the installation of Photoshop without this software installed. You may want to try to start up in Safe mode holding down the Shift key whilst booting to disable all non-Apple kexts from loading and try installing the software note that things are just going to run slower when running in Safe mode.

But I would uninstall the Intego software - you don't need it and it causes many problems. Nov 26, AM. Nov 26, AM in response to emt In response to emt This thread hasn't been used for 8 months. Please start your own thread and post the issues you are having clearly. By having your own, up to date thread, you will find that you will attract more help. A clear outline of your exact issues and computer specs will be more helpful to start with than another etrecheck report. More Less.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra problems: how to fix them

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Ask a question. User profile for user: Iamawesome Iamawesome I downloaded the. In the window that popped up, it contained a blue folder. I clicked it, and a window containing several files and a red installer popped up. Look for the folder CAP and then delete it and start installation once again.

HELP! Adobe Flash/Photoshop/Illustrator won't install!

Did not work at all Please help.. Hi Ash, Try to download your adobe product using below tool. Pratap Tirua, Thank you bro you help is very very awesome,now i can use my photoshop element I deleted the caps file. Please help!! It does not allow me to rename or delete OOBE folder. Please advise. Pratap Tirua you are a life safer man I followed the steps you provided boom! My Photoshop package is installing Pratap Tirua you are a live saver sir I just followed the steps above, boom!

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Thank you for the clear solution with clear screenshots Thanks dear, You saved my day from boring troubleshooting process.. I got that problem when i installing adobe cs I try install creative cloud but dont know how to install cs6. More than downloads this month. Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 refresh most recent adaptation Hi Pratap Tirua. I just upgraded to the latest version of Windows 10, version For whatever reason, I needed to do a clean install.

This required me to now install all of my programs. I followed your very clear instructions, and it did start installing. Is it perhaps the age of my version of Premiere Pro causing it to fail? Any progressions will leave an electronic impression and that is the reason it is viewed as a substantial authoritative archive too. Download for Pc Tech solitic. Pratap how are you i am facing the same problem with adobe cs6 genuine software verification faillure error. I am running Windows 8. How can i fix this problem. My name is Gerrold concerning the Adobe CS6 problem verification faillure issue.

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    This post has encouraged me to write some posts that I am going to write soon. Installer Failed To Initialize. With Pictures. It could be frustrating when you are trying to install any application and it denies to install. This time I came across when i face the same problem while I was trying to install Adobe Photoshop CC which I recently uninstalled due to few windows issues when I upgraded my windows 7 professional to windows 10 professional.

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    Installer failed to initialize. Please download Adobe support advisor to detect the problem. There was a link mentioning Get Adobe Support Advisor. I clicked on that and boom The Adobe Support Advisor has been discontinued. The web page said. I even restarted my system couple of time but it didn't help.

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