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All the benchmarks have been performed with the exact same install of OS X. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4. Hackintosh i7 k 3. However, at the max resolution, the Mac Pro bests faster Core i7. Surprising indeed. It also could be as simple a driver update. The Unigine benchmark is a nice stress test of OpenGL but may not illustrate nearly as full a benchmark as windows only Benchmarks like 3Dmark. The new iMac 5k display is something to marvel, but the GPU even if absurdly powerful for a mobile chipset is not when pushing so many pixels.

The answer is: Yes, yes you can. You gotta love the Hackintosh community and nVidia. You can even watch youtubers jam the s into Mac Pros. To use the high resolution textures, you need a 4 GB card and the same goes for Shadows of Mordor In hindsight I probably should have stuck with the 4GB edition.

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The Witcher 3 runs fantastically too. The Mac pro can. Enough said. Added a little more clarification after a reader asked about EFI boot screens. Click here to view this content in your web browser. The nVidia cards will load the EFI boot screen with the card plugged in the screen you see if you hold down the option key and the Apple logo.

I personally have an ATI Radeon HD XT that shipped with my computer but any graphics card will do, flashed or factory as long as it can display the Apple logo on boot. At the very least, keep your old graphics card somewhere safe should you ever need to do troubleshooting.

Of course anyone wanting an SLI based power solution will probably need to add a power supply, of the research I did the internal variants seemed the way to go, having a much cleaner and safer install.

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Aug 21, PM. Nov 16, AM in response to sonicslap In response to sonicslap. I apologise for bringing this thread back to life months later but I wonder if you can tell me if you need to provide the 6pin connector with 2 sata power connectors from both optical drive bays? Or just 1? Amazon seems to sell a dual sata power to 6pin. Did you use a single sata to 6pin or a dual sata to 6pin? I ready to buy a for my mac pro and this info would really help.

Many thanks, JR. Nov 16, AM. One Molex connector can not power an 6-pin or 8-pin aux cable with three or four power wires all by itself. Nov 16, PM. So if I understand correctly you draw the power for the 6pin socket on the from two optical molexes via an adaptor cable and the power for the 8pin socket from the X2 6pin cables via a 2X 6pin to 8pin adaptor present on the PCI?

Is it possible? You should look to the hobbyist sites where folks have actually performed this surgery and had it work for more detailed advice than I can give. I made a cable myself which connects just one of the optical drive Molex connectors to the 6-pin input on the You are correct with the 8-pin, that gets its feed from the motherboard via a dual 6-pin to 8-pin cable which I think is provided with the Apart from the missing boot screen which does not bother me the card is working fine, I have been rendering for many weeks with no heat issues. That or the W PSU route with one in the optical bay or external, but those are cable mess when done.

Necessary if you have a say and want to keep it and to have boot screen and your is not. Nov 17, AM.

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Thanks in advance. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Kappy Kappy. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Jun 17, PM in response to gkind In response to gkind Do some Google searches for that information.

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Jun 17, PM in response to gkind In response to gkind The works. And, the Titan models work. Jun 17, PM in response to gkind In response to gkind "Itr depends" on how closely non-Mac specific cards follow the reference design. Thanks for your help.

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Aug 14, PM in response to gkind In response to gkind Did you have any luck with this? Can anyone provide a step by step of how you would install the GPU?

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User profile for user: sonicslap sonicslap. Aug 21, PM in response to BigmessUK In response to BigmessUK It seems the warranty is no longer valid after you do any kind of power modification to Apple hardware, so I am not recommending this merely sharing some knowledge.

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